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    Diarrhea Treatment 

    Diarrhea is a very common health problem in which an infected person can have loose, watery, and more frequent bowel movements. It is also known by the name stomach flu or intestinal flu. Due to diarrhea, the person feels bloated, cramps in the abdomen, nausea, thin or watery stools, etc. Moreover, a person might face the problem of dehydration also. It is a very common disease, but the record shows that it is the second leading death-causing disease under the age group of 5 years. 

    Afecto homeopathy brings you treatment through an all-natural and safer approach. The Homeopathy Diarrhea Treatment in Patiala is based on customizing the treatment and ensuring the symptoms are managed on time.



    Dramatic diarrhea is chiefly caused due to bacterial or microbial infection in the body’s gastrointestinal tract. Different types of bacteria, viruses, and parasitic organisms are responsible for microbial infection in the body. When a person eats any food item which is contaminated with the microbes, then it leads to the problem of diarrhea. Irregular bowel movements, stomachache, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can also be the causes of diarrhea. Homeopathy Diarrhea Treatment in Ludhiana aims to check why it occurs and what can make the situation better. 


    Usually, if diarrhea occurs 2-3 times a year, it might not be a severe case. But suppose it does not get treated completely. In that case, it might result in chronic diarrhea health issues that include microscopic colitis, mal-absorptive, mal-digested diarrhea, chronic complications, drug-induced diarrhea, endocrine-related health disorders, and much more. Therefore, it must be treated on time with a complete diagnosis to reduce the chances of recurrence. 

    The experienced homeopathic practitioner brings you Homeopathy Diarrhea Treatment in Ludhiana to ensure the problem gets managed on time.

    Treatments Available for Diarrhea.

    For treating all kinds of diarrhea, rehydration is the only best option to be followed. Along with it, oral rehydration solutions (ORS), zinc supplementation, anti-diarrheal medications, antibiotics, probiotics etc. These medications might impact on the overall health of the individual also. As over-consumption of medications always has toxic side-effects with them.


    • As we all know that all the homoeopathic medicines are prepared from the natural substances.
    • So they do not have any toxic impact on the health of an individual.
    • Afecto provides relief from the irritable, inflamed and frequent bowel movements.
    • Afecto helps in reducing the abdominal cramping and the stomach pain also.
    • It helps in boosting the immune strength of the body to fight against the microbial infections.
    • It helps in boosting the immune strength of the body to fight against the microbial infections.
    • Afecto provides the customizable treatments for the specific health disorder by keeping the track of the overall health and physical, mental and behavioral state of the individual.
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