Autism Treatment in Homeopathy
Autism Treatment
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Autism Treatment in Homeopathy

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder characterized by differences in the brain. Some people with autism spectrum disorder have known differences, such as genetics. Other causes are unknown. Researchers believe that autism spectrum disorder has many factors working together to change the way most people develop.

Autism spectrum disorder begins in childhood and eventually causes problems with social functioning such as relationships, school, and work. Most children show signs of autism in the first year. Few children appear normal in the first year, then develop signs of autism during a recovery period of 18 to 24 months.

People with autism often have epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and ADHD, as well as behavioral problems such as sleep problems and self-harm. The level of intelligence in people with autism varies in a wide range from disabled to advanced. The abilities and needs of people with autism vary and change over time. While some people with autism can live independently, others are disabled and need lifelong care and support. Best homeopathy treatment for autism can help you cure Autism and is a safe and healthy way without chemicals and toxicants in your treatment.


Common Symptoms of Autism

Some children with ASD have learning disabilities and others show lower-than-normal intelligence. Other children with developmental disabilities are typically highly intelligent – ​​they learn quickly but have trouble communicating, applying what they know in everyday life, and adapting to situations in society.

Because every child has different symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to determine their severity. It mostly depends on the injury and its effect on the ability to work.

These are some of the symptoms that people with autism spectrum disorder show:

Social communication/interaction behaviors may include:

Restrictive/dreary behaviors may include:

People with ASD may have numerous qualities including:


Causes of Autism

Scientists don’t know the exact cause of autism, but research has shown that a person’s genes can work with the environment to influence the development of the disorder in ways that lead to autism spectrum disorders. Some factors associated with an increased risk of ASD include:

best homeopathy treatment for autism Familial Factors

Familial Factors

Having a sibling with ASD.


Advanced Parental Age

Advanced Parental Age

Being born to older parents.


best homeopathy treatment for autism Genetic Conditions

Genetic Conditions

Having certain genetic conditions such as Down syndrome or Fragile X syndrome.


Neonatal Health

Neonatal Health

Very low birth weight.


Why Choose Us?

Homeopathic Treatment at Afecto Homeopathy Clinic

At Afecto Homeopathy® Clinic, we know every patient is unique and their health requirements necessitate individualized care. To assist you attain your utmost well-being, we are committed to offering comprehensive and holistic care.

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Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicine offers various benefits for patients. It aims to treat the patient, not just the symptoms of a particular disease. By considering a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, homeopathic treatments try to promote long-term health and balance. The medications used in homeopathy are made from natural ingredients. They are gentle, non-toxic, and have no side effects. Here are some of the benefits of homeopathic medications:

Corrects the root cause

Treats acute as well as chronic conditions

Safe and no side-effects

Individualized Medicine

Long-lasting Relief

Complementary Care Along Allopathy


Reviews of Autism Disease

Meet Our Doctors

Our Homeopathy Doctors Have 30+ Years Of Experience

Afecto Homeopathy is your destination for exceptional care led by the best homeopathic doctors. Our expert team prioritizes your overall well-being, dedicating themselves to enhancing your life through innovative technology and advanced techniques. With a strong focus on transforming your health, our doctors with 30+ years of clinical experience bring you one step closer to a better lifestyle. Experience the difference with the best homeopathic doctors, and embark on a journey of healing and well-being with Afecto Homeopathy®.


FAQs for Autism Homeopathy Treatment

It is estimated in 1 out of every 100 children has autism, about 18 million people in India are diagnosed with autism. About 1 to 1.5 per cent of children aged two to nine years are diagnosed with ASD.

Genetics plays a role in autism. But doctors identify certain diseases in only 10 to 20 percent of patients. These factors include specific genetic disorders associated with ASD, such as fragile X syndrome, as well as rare mutations in the genetic code.

Most of the best research has shown that vaccines do not cause autism. When a child suddenly develops autism spectrum disorder symptoms, some parents mistake it for new vaccines. No reliable studies have found a link between childhood vaccines and autism.

Homeopathy should not harm a child with autism when recommended by a doctor and used in conjunction with research-based treatments. There’s currently no evidence that it harms your body but in fact when taken with professional guidance it can help in curing your disease.

Carefully selected homeopathic remedies produce positive changes in many symptoms in children with autism. Behavior change in children, stress, anxiety, violence, etc. It also helps to reduce the situation. At Afecto Homoeopathy Clinic you can get personalized medicine care and treatment which is based on your diet and the root cause of your symptoms.

Treatment of children with autism usually begins after the child is two years old. Moreover, some doctors suggest that starting treatment in the first year of rapid brain development and mental health may be more beneficial.

Homeopathy is safe, effective and gentle. It is especially beneficial for children because these treatments work by supporting the vital organs of the child’s body. Children are more energetic, so homeopathic medicine is especially good for children.

Learning has no age limit, but it is normal for parents to worry about when their child will speak. Reports show that most children with autism begin learning at age 6 or older.

However, there are ways to teach and assist children with autism to speak.

Allopathic medicine focuses on an affected organ or body part, but there is always a risk of side effects and spread to neighboring organs. Homeopathy is generally risk-free because it does not affect other parts of the body and is designed to treat the entire body, not just the affected area.

A common question after being diagnosed with autism is what causes autism. We know there is no single cause of autism. Research shows that autism is caused by a combination of genetics, non genetic or environmental influences. These effects appear to increase the risk of autism in children.


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