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    Why Choose Afecto Homeopathy in Delhi?

    Best Homeopathic Clinic in Delhi, Health is the greatest treasure. Keeping it all safe and healthy is essential. Moreover, being affectionate towards health makes a significant difference. This is where ‘Afecto Homeopathy’ stands with you. Our clinical expertise team wants to ensure that the patients understand homeopathy treatment is not just to help with cough & cold. A homeopathic doctor in Delhi can give you a personalized treatment even for infertility, child behavioral problem, skin allergy, menopause, PCOS, Thyroid, and much more. Here are some reasons for choosing Afecto Homeopathy – One of the best homeopathic clinic in Delhi.

    • Clinical Expertise: Our clinical expertise of 28 years is one of the most significant factors patients from all over India approach us to address health concerns. In this huge period we have made many changes just for the better for the individual’s health to make the world a healthier and happier place.
    • Latest treatment approach: At Afecto Homeopathy, the experienced team of homeopathic doctors is scientifically giving the medical treatment and using the latest clinical knowledge. For every possible patient, the most advanced medical diagnostic equipment is used to ensure their overall health is carefully analyzed, and accordingly, all the necessary steps are taken.
    • Increasing count of happy patients: ‘500K successfully treated patients’ Don’t you think such a huge number tells a lot about the experience and skills of the doctor. Under the leadership of Dr. Muktinder Singh and Dr. R.S. Sodhi, and the experienced homeopathic doctor in Delhi, every day, we come across a new patient and help them guide towards the treatment that makes a difference. As a team of one of the best homeopathic clinics in Delhi, we want to ensure every patient who seeks treatment from us is benefited in all ways.
    • Personalized treatment: There is no need to think that homeopathic treatment is the same for two people with the same health issues. Bear in mind no two people are the same, and neither are there health issues. So, when you schedule an initial consultation with our Dr. R.S. Sodhi, your overall health is considered, all the problems are checked, and accordingly, you will be directed towards the best treatment plan. Make sure that you never compare your condition with others, as every person’s body reacts to specific surroundings differently.

    Our Vision

    Afceto Homeopathy’s entire team focuses on the research, bringing the best scientific applications, and focusing on practice. To be the ladder in the field of Homeopathy, we are doing our every bit to bring that change in the way healthcare services are delivered across India. We want to be the one who brings changes in the way homeopathy treatment is perceived and delivered to treat several health issues.

    Our Mission

    Afecto Homeopathy focuses on making the entire place have the highest clinical standards. That is why we focus upon:

    • Practicing the highest standards of ethics and conduct in medical practice
    • Everything we do reflects our mission & values.
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