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ADHD Treatment
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ADHD Treatment in Homeopathy

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that affects millions of children and often persists into adulthood. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (inability to pay attention), hyperactivity (moving around too much), and impulsivity (acting quickly without thinking). 

ADHD is considered a chronic and debilitating condition known to affect many areas of a person’s life, including learning and work, interpersonal relationships, and daily job performance. 

If not treated properly, adults with ADHD may experience low self-esteem, and increased self-criticism, which may be reflected in more criticism throughout their lives.

ADHD includes many persistent problems, such as difficulty controlling emotions, impulsivity, and behavioral problems.


Common Symptoms of ADHD

It’s normal for kids to get depressed and act out from time to time. However, children with ADHD do not stop these behaviors as they grow up. Symptoms are persistent, can be severe, and cause problems at school, at home, or with friends.

A child with ADHD can have these symptoms:

Some experts recommend the following list of ADHD-related Symptoms in adults:


Causes of ADHD

Common causes of ADHD include:

Genetic Factors

Genetic Factors

Blood relatives, such as a parent or sibling, with ADHD or another mental health disorder.


Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins

Exposure to environmental toxins — such as lead, found mainly in paint and pipes in older buildings.


Prenatal Factors

Prenatal Factors

Maternal drug use, alcohol use, or smoking during pregnancy.

Preterm Birth

Preterm Birth

Premature birth.

Dietary Misconceptions

Dietary Misconceptions

Although sugar is a popular suspect in causing hyperactivity, there’s no reliable proof of this. Many issues in childhood can lead to difficulty sustaining attention, but that’s not the same as ADHD.


Why Choose Us?

Homeopathic Treatment at Afecto Homeopathy Clinic

At Afecto Homeopathy® Clinic, we know every patient is unique and their health requirements necessitate individualized care. To assist you attain your utmost well-being, we are committed to offering comprehensive and holistic care.

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Benefits of Homoeopathic Treatment

According to homeopathy, employing incredibly tiny diluted amounts of plants and minerals can help the body in curing itself. Some of the most common Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment include:

Corrects the root cause

Treats acute as well as chronic conditions

Safe and no side-effects

Individualized Medicine

Long-lasting Relief

Complementary Care Along Alopathy

Meet Our Doctors

Our Homeopathy Doctors Have Over 30 Years Of Experience

Afecto Homeopathy is your destination for exceptional care led by the best homeopathic doctors. Our expert team prioritizes your overall well-being, dedicating themselves to enhancing your life through innovative technology and advanced techniques. With a strong focus on transforming your health, our doctors with over 30 years of clinical experience bring you one step closer to a better lifestyle. Experience the difference with the best homeopathic doctors, and embark on a journey of healing and well-being with Afecto Homeopathy®.


FAQs for ADHD Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic remedies offer effective solutions for ADHD. ADHD is a complex disorder and should be fully evaluated before treatment begins. At Afecto Homoeopathy Clinic you can get a professional guidance in treating your ADHD in the safest and healthiest manner.

Living with ADHD is about monitoring your behavior and actively working to find what works best for you. With the right support and therapy, you can create a life that allows you to live to your full potential.

This disease is chronic, meaning it persists for a long time – usually throughout adulthood. Many people with ADHD learn to manage their symptoms through treatment and improved health habits. Some people even find that their symptoms decrease as they get older.

ADHD can affect a person’s relationships and performance at work and school, but there are effective homoeopathy treatments for managing ADHD symptoms. Book an appointment now at +91 9780597813 with the certified and professional team at Afecto Homoeopathy Clinic.

Children diagnosed with ADHD rarely grow up. Although some children may recover from the disorder by age 21 or 27, 50-86% of the population still have complete or at least visible disease with the disease diagnosed in childhood and damage.

Homeopathy treatment for ADHD can take up to a year or two to cure ADHD.


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