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    Hypertension Treatment

    Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure Treatment!

    The condition known as hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a result of contemporary living. To ensure that blood reaches every part of the body, greater pressure must be applied due to the narrowing of the blood veins that supply blood to the various body sections.
    A professional homeopathic doctor can effectively treat high blood pressure with medications selected by the patient’s overall symptoms and the illness’ typical symptoms. Following a thorough consideration of one’s symptoms, a physical examination, and other diagnostic procedures, constitutional medicine—a form of medication—is selected. A few homeopathic medicines that are widely used to treat high blood pressure include Baryta muriaticum, Glonoine, aurum metallicum, Viscum album, Crataegus, Lachesis, natrum muriaticum, veratrum album, Belladonna, Arsenicum album, and phosphorus.
    The medication needed to treat this chronic condition lasts a lifetime. However, in addition to brief High BP Treatment, Hypertension Treatment in Ludhiana addresses the underlying symptoms.

    Nux Vomica

    • Effective in treating hypertension caused by changes in lifestyle
    • The patient is typically short-tempered, energetic, tense, and skinny.
    • Increased tendency for intake of fried and spicy meals, alcohol, and caffeine.
    • Aggressive and extremely ambitious men
    • A patient can be constipated.
    • It is common for a person to feel worse in the morning and better over the day.


    • One of the top homeopathic treatments for hypertension
    • There is severe irritation of the neurological system.
    • Not to be used in pregnant women
    • decreases mortality over time

    Natrum Mur

    • Useful for people who consume excessive salt or who are used to seasoning every food item with salt
    • The patient likes foods that are fried, salty, spicy, and sour.
    • an increase in thirst and a dry mouth
    • There is a high prevalence of abdomen and foot swelling.
    • Puffy or swollen face
    • Tongue with an irregular coating, anemia, and palpitations
    • Events from the person’s past that may have provoked anger but that have been suppressed


    • Flushing of the face
    • Increased blood flow causes congestion in the head and face as well as a throbbing headache.
    • Your Head feels heavy so much so that you cannot put down your head on a pillow.
    • The Head feels big and enlarged.
    • There could be a correlation with the sun where exposure to the sun aggravates the problem
    • A patient does not feel like working, is irritated, and gets very excited at everything.


    • Hemorrhaging is related to blood pressure.
    • Pupils are dilated, and the face appears flushed.
    • The temporal arteries are throbbing and the pulse rate has increased.


    • Useful in cases where blood pressure spikes unexpectedly in persons with healthy baseline readings
    • A person is incredibly concerned and has a fear of death.
    • Increased agitation and palpitations
    • During these instances, the patient may experience throbbing headaches.
    • Cigarette smoking makes blood pressure readings worse.

    Homeopathy is an effective, gentle, and secure approach to treating high blood pressure. When combined with traditional blood pressure-lowering drugs, homeopathic treatments help to stabilize and reduce frequent variations in blood pressure levels.
    Although there are no known side effects from using Best doctors for Hypertension in Ludhiana, it is crucial to do so under the direct supervision of a homeopathic doctor with the appropriate license. The dose that is best for you and helps to prevent unfavorable symptoms is carefully selected by a homeopathic specialist.
    You can always consult Hypertension Treatment in Punjab to receive answers to your queries if you have any concerns or questions!

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