Most Common Hypertension Signs and Symptoms

hypertension signs and symptoms
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When the pressure in your arteries is greater than usual, you might have high blood pressure, popularly known as Hypertension. But you might not know when these pressures in the arteries are high and when they are normal. The question is how do you know if you have hypertension? What indicators should you keep an eye on? The answer is symptoms. Yes, one must know the causes, symptoms and treatment of high blood pressure to consult a doctor and go for a health checkup.

The majority of people typically overlook elevated blood pressure. Studies show that 90% of people don’t follow the suggested regimen for Hypertension. If blood pressure is not managed, major issues with key organs like the heart, kidneys, brain, and eyes may develop. This can also be fatal. Therefore, knowing the causes, symptoms and treatment of high blood pressure can help you avoid the problem in the long run.

What is High Blood pressure?

When the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries is constantly high, you have high blood pressure. If not treated on time, the High BP can damage your arteries badly and increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Another term for this widespread ailment is “hypertension.”

As there are typically no symptoms associated with high blood pressure, medical professionals refer to it as a “silent killer.” Therefore, even if you might not be aware of it, your body is nonetheless suffering harm.

High blood pressure causes, symptoms and treatment

Types of Hypertension

Various researchers conclude that taking consideration into the severity of your problem and the root cause of hypertension, it is further divided into two parts. All the factors such as the medication, lifestyle modifications type of treatment directly or indirectly connected to the type of hypertension. The two types of hypertension include:

Primary Hypertension

When your high blood pressure has no recognized reason, it is referred to as Primary Hypertension. It is the most prevalent kind of Hypertension. The development of this kind of blood pressure typically takes many years. It is most likely to occur in the older age of life. It can probably be a result of your way of life, the surroundings, and the aging process of your body.

Secondary Hypertension

Secondary Hypertension occurs when your high blood pressure is brought on by a medical condition or medication. Certain things which can result in secondary hypertension:

  • Kidney Issues
  • Apnea in sleep
  • Issues with the thyroid or adrenal glands
  • A few medications

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Various causes can lead to primary as well as secondary hypertension. Genetics, age, lifestyle, medication, and food can all contribute to high blood pressure. You can connect with the best homeopathic doctor to determine the real cause of your hypertension and get treatment accordingly. Typical causes of elevated blood pressure include:

  • Consuming a lot of fat, salt, or cholesterol
  • Chronic illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, renal and hormone issues
  • Family history, particularly in cases when your parents or other near relatives suffer from hypertension
  • Insufficient physical exercise
  • Increasing age (having high blood pressure increases with age)
  • Being obese (more weight than required)
  • A few birth control pills and certain medications
  • Smoking or consuming excessive amounts of booze

High blood pressure causes, symptoms and treatment

Common Symptoms of Hypertension

As we have known some causes of Hypertension above, we must know some common hypertension  symptoms that can help you recognize the high BP in earlier stages. It might be possible that a person cannot experience these symptoms and still have hypertension and vice versa. It is better to get a regular checkup with your doctor in such cases. Some common causes are:

Strong Headache

Significant increases in blood pressure might result in hypertension headaches. It can develop into a migraine, which creates a throbbing feeling on one side of the head. The headache can go away with time or appear surprisingly. 

Dizziness or Tiredness 

Ears, chest, or neck pounding is a common symptom of high blood pressure. A sense of tiredness or dizziness may result from such signs. 

Blood in Urine 

Hypertensive individuals are more likely to experience hematuria. Essentially, there is just a tiny bit of blood in the pee. It might be recognized by some people or appear in the urine test. 

Runny Nose

Because the blood arteries in the nose are fragile, a sudden rise in blood pressure can cause nosebleeds. Therefore, nasal bleeding is linked to hypertension.


Seek advice from our homeopathy experts for all your health concerns.

Feeling out of Breath

Hypertensive individuals may have erratic breathing patterns as well as a sharp, unpleasant aching feeling in their chest. Breathlessness is, in fact, one of the first indications of hypertension.

Vision Problems 

Hypertensive retinopathy, which can be brought on by hypertension, can cause visual impairment, loss of vision, or blurred vision.

A Flushed Face

Hypertension is caused by artery blockage. When certain blood vessels in the face enlarge, it can lead to a major cause such as facial flushing. This can highly predict that one has high blood pressure.


Because high blood pressure uses up energy, it might produce fatigue. Furthermore, being anxious and tired might interfere with sleep, which adds to one’s exhaustion.

High blood pressure causes, symptoms and treatment

What to do When you Experience Hypertension Signs and Symptoms?

When you experience the above-mentioned High blood pressure causes, symptoms and treatment you must immediately contact a homeopathic doctor. The doctor will diagnose you fully and then recommend the best possible medicines and lifestyle modifications to cure your problem of hypertension. Homeopathic medicines recognize the root cause of the problem and treat the patients accordingly without any further side effects. 

If you are thinking of getting a high blood pressure checkup done, contacting Afecto Homeopathy can be a good choice. With experience of 35+ years, our doctors are highly qualified to provide you with the best solution. You can even book and appointment online to avoid rushing to the doctor’s office by calling 8727003555. Experiencing such symptoms of hypertension? Immediately connect with us!

To Sum Up

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a serious problem faced by various people. Hypertension signs and symptoms are not known by everyone and thus can lead to fatal causes. It is better to get in touch with your doctor regularly to know your health condition. To sum up it is better to prevent hypertension rather than become a permanent patient of it. 

Stay Healthy!


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