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    Food allergy Treatment

    Food allergy can be defined as the occurrence of a reaction when your immune system overreacts to some types of food items by identifying them as harmful and triggers a defensive response against them. Food allergies can vary from gentle to severe levels. If food allergies are already prevailing in the family background, it is hard to predict who may develop those allergies in the future. 25% of the Indian population suffers from various types of food allergies. Homeopathy Food allergy Treatment in Ludhiana lets the problem be addressed from the root cause for all effective results.

    food allergies


    The allergic reactions among the food materials you eat exist only when an individual has weak immunity. As if the immune system of a person misidentifies some specific food substances to be harmful, which are not, and treats them like an allergen. In response, an antibody is generated by the body’s immune system to resist those allergens. Some people are confused with food allergies and intolerance to some food substances. To make them correct that food intolerance is not related to the immune system. You need medical assistance by planning your Homeopathy Food allergy Treatment in Patiala to ensure food allergies don’t reach the severe stage. 


    As there are different types of food allergies prevailing in our environment, chiefly including Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), which includes milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, tree nuts, shellfish, peanut, wheat, fish, alpha-gal syndrome, or meat allergy, corn, garlic, and fruit allergy. It is one of the severe conditions that cause vomiting and diarrhea. Furthermore, these symptoms may progress to dehydration and shock produced due to low blood pressure and poor blood circulation in the body. The symptoms of food allergies, if not treated, may aid in providing a place to accumulate, grow and cause serious skin infections like hives, eczema, breathing issues, and abdominal problems which can be fatal. Homeopathy Food allergy Treatment in Punjab works effectively to ensure the symptoms don’t reach the severe stage.

    Treatments Available for Food Allergies.

    To treat the impact of food allergies on the health of a person, modern medical science follows basically two types of treatments to cure any kind of the food allergy prevailing in the the allergic responses that can be very mild or the severe one also. The another treatment named adrenaline, which proves good in treating the chronic impacts of the allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.The symptoms and severity of allergic reactions differ among individuals and they vary with each person every time there’s exposure to an allergen.


    • Afecto helps in improving the body’s own immune system to deal with an exposure to different allergens.
    • It offers cure to the root disorder rather than suppressing their symptoms only.
    • Afecto lowers the need of anti-histamine that produces bad drug reaction in treating the allergies.
    • It can help in improving both short-term and long-term allergy symptoms.
    • It has excellent results in providing complete cure to the patient.
    • Afecto uses smart ways to treat organically with homoeopathy.
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