Understanding Food Allergy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in Homeopathy

Food Allergy symptoms
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You might have heard of some of your friends or relatives who are allergic to certain food materials. Imagine living in a society where a straightforward bite of your favorite meal could result in a potentially hazardous situation. Yes, this is possible! This problem is known as Food Allergy. In this blog, we are going to guide you about Food Allergy: Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic treatment you can have to avoid it. 

Food allergy can be caused due to consuming a variety of food materials that don’t suit your immune system. They show a variety of symptoms which include skin rashes, sneezing, coughing, etc. There are several other symptoms of food allergy which we will discuss further in this blog. We’ll also explore the most common allergens hiding in our food, learn the science e behind the body’s reactions toward these allergens, and learn how Homeopathy Treatment of Food Allergy Symptoms. 

Food Allergy: Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic treatment

What is Food Allergies?

The reactivity to the proteins in particular foods causes food allergies. Numerous different foods or other proteins in the same food can cause these reactions. The immune system perceives the protein in food as an invader or antigen and generates histamine-based antibodies to combat the protein. 

The most common way to treat food allergies is to avoid allergic foods, although, in more extreme situations, drugs such as antihistamines or epinephrine (adrenaline) can be used. 

Symptoms of Food Allergy

There are many symptoms of food allergies. The allergic reactions typically appear two hours after eating. It can cause mild to severe symptoms. Here are some common symptoms of Food Allergy: 

  • Skin rashes or itching
  • Swollen eyelids or lips
  • Tongue swelling, throat and mouth itching
  • Swallowing issues and voice hoarseness 
  • Coughing, wheezing, or breathlessness
  • Diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain
  • Loss of consciousness or dizziness

Causes of Food Allergies

By producing certain proteins called antibodies, the immune system protects the body from infection. The immune system recognizes specific foods as potential threats to your body when you have a food allergy. In reaction, the cells produce immunoglobulin E (IgE), an antibody that works to neutralize the food allergen. The IgE antibodies can detect identical food the following time, alerting our immune system to send the chemical histamine into the bloodstream to neutralize the danger and stop the spread of infection. Allergies are caused by these histamines.

Some other causes of Food Allergies include – 

  • Family History:- If anyone in your family is having food allergies, you may be more likely to develop them yourself. 
  • Other Allergies:- A greater risk of developing food allergies also exists if you are prone to other allergic reactions like asthma, eczema, or hay fever. 

Foods that Result in Food Allergies

There are certain specific food materials that people are allergic to. These food materials have specific proteins that are rejected by the body’s immune system resulting in severe to mild symptoms. Some common food materials that result in food allergies are – 

  • Dairy Products such as cheese, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, etc.
  • Eggs and Poultry products
  • Peanuts, Walnuts and Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
  • Fish and marine products

Homeopathy Treatment for Food Allergy

Homeopathy is a type of holistic medicine that treats all the symptoms of a person by taking into account their physical, emotional and mental health. Food allergies cannot be completely cured, however, homeopathy may help with symptom management and health improvement. Here are some typical homeopathic treatments of food allergies: Symptoms.

Arsenicum album:- After consuming particular meals, some people may develop digestive problems, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Anxiety, agitation and a sense of weakness could be present.

Natrum Mur:- Beneficial for people who experience skin allergies like hives or eczema. It might assist in reducing swelling, burning, and itching.

Sulphur:- Sulphur may be considered when there is severe itching, burning and redness of the skin as a result of allergies.

Utrica:- The herb urtica urens is frequently used to treat skin responses including hives and itching. It could lessen the burning and itchy feelings.

Some Common Homoeopathic Remedies for Particular Food Allergy

If you have allergies to some particular food material, you can choose these particular homeopathy treatment for preventing the symptoms of these foods. 

  • Chicken – Bacillinum, Bryonia
  • Fish – Fluoric Acid, Kali Sulph
  • Milk – Aethusa, Arsenic, Lac. Defloratum, Mag. Sulph,
  • Peanuts – Molubdinum
  • Raisins – Ipecac
  • Mutton – Lysinnum, Lecithin mother tincture
  • Honey – Natrum Carb, Phosphorus

These are some common Homeopathy Treatment of Food Allergy Symptoms But remember to consult with the best homeopathic doctor before taking or applying any medication for yourself. The doctor will advice you the best medicine according to your medical condition

You can book an appointment with India’s online homeopathy consultation with best doctor. 

Where to Find the Best Treatment for Food Allergy?

Food allergies are common now-a-days. To keep the food allergy symptoms under control, you must practice some preventive methods. It is generally advised to avoid food consumption of foods that causes allergies. If you still face some severe symptoms after consuming any allergic food, immediately consult with an Homeopathic doctor in your town. The doctor will check on your symptoms, analyse the cause and provide the best possible solution. 

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Food Allergy: Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic treatment Understanding the causes and treatment options for these allergies is crucial since they can present with symptoms ranging from skin rashes to serious respiratory problems. Food allergies cannot be cured, however there are ways to lessen their negative effects on your life.

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