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    Constipation Treatment

    Constipation: The Digestive system of the human body performs three basic functions, which are digestion of the food we eat, absorption of essential nutrients from the food, and the removal of wastes from the body. Constipation is a disorder related to the digestive system. The Colon or Large intestine plays a key role in absorbing the fluids from the foods digested and then preparing the waste produced to get abolished from the body. The colon helps utilize the food and gives us the desired amount of energy out of it. The results state that 22% of adults living in India suffer from constipation, and 13% with severe constipation. At Afecto Homeopathy, we provide a systematic approach for the Homeopathy Constipation Treatment in Ludhiana to make the situation manageable. 



    The colon muscles get contracted because of the deficiency of fibrous diet, dehydration, excessive medication, and being physically less active. It leads to difficulty in passing out the stools because the feces get hard & dry. The bowel movement stands for the finishing stage of the food when passing out through the digestive tract. The healthy person may have bowel movements ranging from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. So having fewer stools than usual is considered the basic sign of CONSTIPATION. The other symptoms, along with fewer stools, are stomachache, cramping, abdominal bloating, and low appetite. If you have these symptoms in an extremely severe state, seek Homeopathy Constipation Treatment in Punjab under the supervision of a homeopathic practitioner.


    Sometimes people are not suffering from constipation, but their misuse of laxatives aids in developing constipation. So it is better first to be aware of the specific disorder and then try to treat it naturally. The untreated constipation disorder leads to severe results like having blood in the stool; constipation lasts for more than two weeks, unexpected drop in weight even when you have a good and nutritious diet, problems passing gas & extreme pain during the bowel movements. Homeopathy Constipation Treatment in Patiala at Afecto Homeopathy not only gives care for the condition but also makes one aware of the necessary self-care tips.

    Treatments Available for Constipation.

    The different treatments available for constipation are as follows: fiber supplements, osmotics, stimulants, stool softness, suppositories, enemas, lubricant laxatives, and many prescribed drugs like lubiprostone, linaclotide, colchicine and last have a surgery to resolve the disorder. These treatments arenot successful for the long run and just able to suppress the symptoms of the specific disorder rather than eradicating them completely.


    • Afecto’s treatment helps to deal with the illness in a better way.
    • It is absolutely safe to consume for the overall health of an individual suffering from some specific disorders.
    • Afecto’s provides you the treatment without any side-effects in the long run.
    • Afecto is based upon the theory of individualization.
    • It addresses the underlying cause of the ailment.
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