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    Bed Wetting Enuresis Treatment

    Bed-wetting disorder is also known as night incontinence, nocturnal enuresis, or involuntary urination. It is a disorder in which the child usually passes the urine while asleep. Bed-wetting is of two types: Primary and secondary. 

    If the childhood habit of bed-wetting continues without any break, it is called the primary bed-wetting. If the bed-wetting is for a considerable time & then restarts that habit again after some time, it is called the secondary bed-wetting. Homeopathic Bed Wetting Treatment in Ludhiana allows the situation to get under control through a safer approach. It’s just a normal part of a child’s development only up to the age of 7, but after that, you must pay medical attention to your children. About 5-7 % of children in the age group of 6-7 years suffer from this disorder.

    BedWetting Treatment


    The key cause of bed wetting is difficulty controlling urine production, especially at night. If the child is a deep sleeper, then he cannot recognize the full bladder. If your child has long-term constipation, or there is a malfunctioning of the muscles, which leads to the problem of bed-wetting at night. If your child is diabetic, he used to pass large amounts of urine at once or cannot control it. Urinary tract infections make it difficult for the child to control urination. If your child has some neurological issues like ADHD, it will play a great cause in bed-wetting. If you notice the same condition in your child, get Homeopathic Bed Wetting Treatment in Patiala for personalized and affectionate care.


    Bed-wetting leads to Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), severe urinary tract infections, aids in degrading the quality of life of an individual, bladder cancer and interstitial cystitis, etc. The risk factors for bed-wetting like gender, genetics, and family history may result in some adverse effects on a person’s health if not treated. Seek immediate consultation at Afecto Homeopathy to get natural and effective Homeopathic Bed Wetting Treatment in Punjab and ensure your child lives with utmost ease.

    Treatments Available for Bed Wetting

    The treatments for dealing with the issue of bed-wetting are antibiotics which relaxes the issues regarding urinary tract infections, anti-chlonergic drugs provides relief to the irritation in the urinary bladder. Desmopressin acetate offers an increase in ADH level, which slows down the urine production at night,medications are also available like DHT, that used to reduce the swelling of the prostate gland.


    • Afecto’s medicinal treatment act on the physiological as well as on the mental level of an individual.
    • It works by targeting the underlying key cause behind the specific disorder.
    • Afecto’s homoeopathy treatment is highly individualized.
    • The best advantage of having Afecto treatment is, that the underlying medical or emotional conditions of an individual are first to be ruled out./li>
    • It helps in boosting the patience level of the child and in accepting that the reality that the bed-wetting tends to go away by itself.
    • Afecto helps in boosting the neurological system of the children too.
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