What are the causes of bed-wetting? What are the tips to manage bed-wetting?

What are the causes of bed-wetting_ What are the tips to manage bed-wetting
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Are you concerned about your child’s bed-wetting problem?

Bed- Wetting Symptoms, Causes and Treatment occur when the child urinates at night while asleep. Well, the child’s bladder gets control over it at different ages. In some cases, the problem stays till the age of 5 or sometimes it even goes away when they are 10 years old. Bed-wetting is not a normal concern because it is likely to trigger social awkwardness and embarrassment among the parents and child.

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Bed- Wetting Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What are the common causes of bed-wetting?

When you visit one of the best Homeopathic Clinic in Jalandhar the doctor’s major focus is upon addressing the root cause. Knowing where the problem started will ensure that it won’t occur again. Here are some of the major reasons for bed-wetting:

Bed-wetting cause 1: Bladder does not maturate on time

There are some cases when the communication between the brain and bladder does not happen like normal.

Bed-wetting cause 2: Lower Antidiuretic Hormone

ADH is one of the important hormones present in the body. When your child’s kidney is not able to secrete them in the right amount then the chances of bed-wetting increase.

Bed-wetting cause 3: Slow-wave sleep (Deep Sleep)

If your child is having deep sleep then there are high chances of bed-wetting. In this case, the bladder is not able to get the necessary signal that the bladder is full which makes them urinate at night.

Bed-wetting cause 4: Constipation issue

Constipation is not just an elderly problem as it even occurs in children. Due to constipation, the bladder contraction is not proper as the bowel is full all the time.

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What is the homeopathic treatment for bed-wetting in children?

Homeopathy treatment is an effective and safe approach for bed-wetting. Being referred to as safe as well as all-natural ensures that there are no side effects after all. So, the homeopathic treatment for Bed- Wetting Symptoms, Causes and Treatment can be started without worrying about anything.

When you choose to consult the homeopathic doctor in Patiala for your child’s bed-wetting problem, the treatment is based on an all-natural approach. By doing so, the problem is treated effectively by all means. So, the homeopathic doctor is going to check the root cause of the problem, and depending on the same the treatment plan is customized.

Effective tips for bed-wetting problems in children

  • Make sure that your child goes to the washroom before they sleep.
  • Try to limit the fluid limit a few hours before bed. Although, you should discuss the same with the doctor.
  • Try to set the alarm for children when they should go to the washroom at night.
  • Use a plastic sheet over the bed.


Bedwetting can be a distressing problem for both parents and children. Although it is a typical worry that usually goes away as a child matures, it can cause anxiety and social shame. Fortunately, homoeopathy provides a safe and efficient treatment for children’s bedwetting issues.

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