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    Wheat Allergy Treatment

    Wheat Allergy: allergy is termed as the body’s under or overstated reaction to the contact with the allergens. These allergens may belong to the environment or in the food materials we eat and may get transmitted inherently. Allergy can occur at any instance of life regardless of the age and gender of an individual. Wheat allergy is a kind of disorder in which, an allergic reaction is experienced by a person at a time when he ingests the wheat content in his diet. A person with a wheat allergy has progressed a particular antibody to one or several wheat proteins. Wheat allergy is a very common disease and about 2.2 % population living across the world is suffering from it.

    Wheat Allergies


    The wheat allergy comes into existence when our body produces immunoglobulin antibodies to the proteins found in the wheat. The antibodies play a vital role in stopping the invaders from harming the human body. It most often progresses at an early age but adults can also establish its symptoms at any stage of their life. The wheat allergy might affect one or several organ systems at once. The prime symptoms of wheat allergy are: asthma, eczema, bloating, irritation in eyes and throat, diarrhoea, nasal congestion etc.


    Any allergy related to the food substances should get treated at its initial plane. If these allergies can’t get treated at right time they might get turn into the chronic disorder or the life-time burden on the health of an individual with the passage of time.

    Treatments Available for Wheat Allergy

    The medications like antihistamines which helps in reducing the reaction of the immune system, Epinephrine or adrenaline which is used as an emergency treatment for anaphylaxis. These treatments might impact the symptoms of wheat allergy for a while but not be able to eliminate it permanently. As its very difficult for an individual to stay from the wheat ingredients for a long period of time. So here comes AFECTO which provides you the complete solution for wheat allergy under one roof.

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