Types Of Headaches: Everything you need to know about the headaches

Types Of Headaches_ Everything you need to know about the headaches
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In your head do you wish upon, ‘HEADACHE, Just Please leave me alone!’ Or Wish to shout out loud because you are that much frustrated. My friend! We all have been in this situation Different types of headache.

Headache is one common type of pain that can occur in different forms. Are you thinking, ‘One Headache & It Occurs With Different Types Of Pain’ Is that even possible? It’s True. All those who deal with this condition often struggle with the situation that affects the daily lifestyle to a great extent. You know what? I have got a perfect suggestion for you. At Afecto Homeopathy, you can get a personalized Homeopathy Treatment for headaches to make your condition better in all ways. Now, let’s talk you through the different types of headaches.

Different types of headache

Different types of headache

  • Rebound headache:- Rebound headaches are also referred to as ‘Medication Overuse Headaches.’ Such headaches leave a feeling of dullness or tension-type. The intensity of such headaches is so painful that they are compared with migraine headaches. If you consume too many medications, you have a higher chance of getting this headache. Moreover, if you have medicines with coffee, you are at higher chances even then. If this is happening with you, consult the homeopathic doctor at the earliest.
  • Migraine:- Migraine with headache means intense throbbing pain on one part of the head. Such a headache will lead to sensitivity to smell, sound, and light. Moreover, the individual will have problems with nausea and vomiting. Additionally, there are high chances of having sensory and visual issues which last for 5 to 60 minutes, like numbness, tingling, flickering lights, or problem finding words. Some of the most common migraine triggers are stress, anxiety, hormonal issues, sleep disruption, skipping meals, dehydration, and much more. If you are struggling through the same then get yourself the Homeopathic treatment for a Migraine in Ludhiana.
  • Hypertension headache:- Headache and high blood pressure often come together. Moreover, such headaches need medical assistance at the earliest as they are ‘Highly-dangerous.’ Such headaches occur on both sides. When you do physical activity, the intensity is even worse. There’s like a pulsating feeling with this.
  • Sinus headache:- Sinus headaches come along with sinusitis which triggers inflammation, and it can occur due to allergy or infection. Such headaches lead to throbbing aches around the cheeks, forehead, and eyes. Other possible symptoms are fever, fatigue, facial pressure, reduced sense of smell, etc.
  • Caffeine-related headaches:- A high intake of coffee, like 4 cups in just one day, can lead to headaches. So, people who have coffee withdrawal will have issues with headaches. Chances of having a headache are higher following 12 to 24 hours of withdrawal. Other symptoms are nausea, problem concentrating, reduced irritability or mood, and tiredness.
  • Tension-type headache:- Tension-type headaches are another common type that leads to a dull ache, constant on both sides. Some of the other symptoms are:
  1. Light and sound sensitivity
  2. Pressure behind the eyes
  3. Tenderness on the neck, head, and shoulders
  • Cluster headache:- Cluster headaches are categorized as severe and recurrent ones. The prevalence rate of such headaches is six times higher in males than females. The individuals complain about having intense piercing or burning pain behind or around the eyes. Additional symptoms are:
  • Swollen eyelid
  • Runny or blocked nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • Exertional headache:- Exertional headaches occur due to strenuous physical regimes, and they can trigger several factors like jumping, running, weight lifting, sexual intercourse, and coughing/ sneezing. Such headaches often last for more than two days which means immediate medical assistance is necessary.
  • Hormone headache:- As the name suggests, the problem is triggered due to hormonal imbalance. The conditions like using birth control pills, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy are the known causes of affecting the estrogen level. Eventually, these can lead to a headache.

Did you know?

One of the interesting findings has pointed towards: Headaches might be the possible causes of hair loss. You need to consult an experienced and board-certified doctor for your hair loss. The doctor will diagnose the scalp and examine hair fall to determine the best possible treatment plan. One such option is Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, which works effectively in hair restoration. So, for a recoverable solution, you need immediate medical assistance.


Headaches can be a chronic and crippling condition that degrades our quality of life. They can take on many different shapes, each with their own symptoms and causes, ranging from tension-type headaches to migraines and even headaches brought on by coffee. It’s essential to identify the sort of headache you have and get the appropriate care to get relief.


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