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    Infertility Treatment

    Infertility: Homeopathy Infertility Treatment is a very common issue prevailing in the young generation nowadays. Infertility can be faced by both men and women in their specific phase of life when they desire to have children but it is not happening even after trying for a long time. So in other words, infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive a child within 12 months of trying. It is found that approximately 85 % of couples successfully achieves the conception within 12 months trying procedure but still 7% couples of the population are still struggling for it and find it too hard to do after trying so long.



    There are various factors which are responsible for having infertility in a women or men. The chief reasons for infertility are infrequent menstrual cycle of a women, if female age is about 35 years or more, some pelvic disorders like sexually transmitted diseases prevailing in the family history, abnormal semen factor of male and endometriosis or polys inside the female body etc. As usually it is found that if menstrual cycle should not occur in between 21 to 35 days at maximum and it exceeds more than 35 days then, it may result into delayed or negligible egg ovulation and decreased quality of egg, further leads to many complications in conceiving child.


    Nowadays the infertility disorder of men or women are the highly prevailing issues of the generation. It can be treated wisely, otherwise it may generate numerous causes of depression, mental illness and low self-esteem among the people who are facing it. As in this case, individuals have tried for the conception but it does not happen even after so many weeks, months or years which may later turn into stress and severe case of depression also. When infertility is not get treated, then it may result into ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, ectopic pregnancy etc.

    Treatments Available for Infertility

    For dealing with the infertility in men or women, there are numerous treatments available in modern medical science like medications, surgical treatments like fallopian tubes surgery, epididymis blockages, intrauterine insemination retrieval surgeries, In vitro fertilization (IVF), egg and sperm donation etc. but still after following so many surgical procedures it is not certain that it will provide the satisfactory results later on. So try to avoid these surgical operations, as there arenumerous ways to get satisfactory results provided by the homoeopathic solutions.


    • Afecto’s homeopathic medicines proves effective in increasing sperm count
    • It also helps in increasing sperm motility and sperm Volume
    • Afecto offers the homoeopathy treatment for correcting the abnormal sperm morphology
    • It is safe to consume by women during her pregnancy and also for post-natal including during breastfeeding
    • Afecto is an effective system of highly diluted medicines
    • These are not the kind of any chemical drugs, so they cannot harm
    • Afecto’s homeopathic treatment is based on the belief that, the body can cure itself
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