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    Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

    Hormonal Imbalance: Nowadays Hormonal Imbalance is confronted by 70% of women around the world that can occur at any instance of life. Hormones, which are also termed as message-bearers play the vital role in regulating the whole functionality of the human body. Hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone are the major regulating agents of the female health. So it would not be wrong if we say that the hormones are the decision maker for the bodily functions to be perform. But some changes in the lifestyle of an individual leads to the dis- proportion among the hormones. So Hormonal Imbalance is like the little to extreme variation in the proportion of hormones present in the body.



    Hormonal Imbalance is the prime problem to be noticed these days, so if you are not aware or ignoring the disorder then it might reflect back in the severe mode with many complications along with it in future. Some of the complications which occurs due to the imbalance of various hormones in the body are irregular menstrual cycle in females, being over-weight or under- weight, thyroid which further subcategorized into hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, pigmentation, unwanted hair growth on the body, polycystic ovarian disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, frequent mood swings, stress further leads to anxiety and depression, acne and pimples etc.

    Treatments Available for Hormonal Imbalance

    There are various treatments available for it like Hormonal Replacement Therapy, Estrogen Therapy, Hormonal Birth Control pills, Anti-androgen Medications, Surgeries, Removal of body parts, which are either lifelong or palliative whereas Afecto’s homoeopathic treatments offers you the complete cure for your problems with the help of holistic treatment. Afecto provides you the treatment in an entirely different manner that postulates the motherly care and love to deal with an issue along with professional excellence. It follows the individualized way of treating various health disorders of the people. The issues that can trigger the hormonal imbalance are emotional breakdown like disappointment in love or career, break-ups, stressed lifestyle that comprised of hectic work schedule, career related stress and improper diet, furthermore all this can build-up the problems like irregularity in periods, abnormal hair growth, mood swings, anxiety, complications during the pregnancy, weight gain, infertility, acne and many more.


    • Afecto treatment intends the holistic approach of homoeopathy to offers you complete solution to any of the specific health disorders
    • It does not practice in suppressing the problem but initiates the procedure to cure from root
    • By the homoeopathic treatments, the allergy symptoms get lowered gradually
    • It might appear longer but in return offers the permanent solution for that specific disorder
    • It heals the body from within so that the human body get strengthened by the complete immunity package provided by the organic treatment of homoeopathy
    • Afecto treatments are focused for overall improvement in health, stamina and harmony in life along with disease specific treatments
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