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    Best Homoeopathic Doctor In Ludhiana, Punjab, Caring for the growing needs of our community, we are providing the best care that is beneficial for all. The 1st thing that matters for any clinic or primary care institute is to hire a panel that would conduct and provide the best service. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh, who is not only the founder but also the director of Afecto. With an excellent knowledge of this holistic treatment approach, he has shown how beneficial and deep homeopathy and its studies are in India and foreign lands.
    Contributing to the medical field studies with the medium of many research papers, Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh has highlighted how the lives of the patient are changing with this simple yet effective technique. He has been committed to the communities, with over 500k+ patients being treated there with an optimal result. Remember, you can depend your life on us.
    Projecting a reputed clinic is in the hands of qualified homeopaths, with over 28 years of experience, Afecto has time and again built its brand. A place that is doctor-driven wellness and care management.

    Dr.R.S. Sodhi

    Founder and the director of Afecto Homoeopathy Dr.R.S. Sodhi (BHMS, PG London) has also been a pillar of this healthcare program. Leading the hospital for almost 17 years with deep knowledge about homeopathy treatment for children. With great endurance in both physical and emotional, he has been able to achieve excellent results in treating children with certain conditions, including autism, ADHD, behavioral problem, and many more. In a charismatic and persuasive way, he has been working with the children and their parents. It is hard to find a sympathetic and diplomatic doctor here for medical excellence.

    Why Is Homoeopathic Medicine The Best Option?

    Homeopathy is a holistic approach that leaves behind no side effects. The practitioner and the patients swear by the process of such idealistic options. Rather than the conventional method wherein there are good chances of side effects, homeopathy has been delivering a remedy focused on a “like cure like” ideology. It is a complete system of medicine with an aim to improve the lives of the people and their well-being.
    Homeopathy is not limited tio certain types of diseases. Instead, it is universally applicable for all kinds of conditions as it stimulates self-regulatory mechanisms.
    It is natural and pure that is prepared from herbs, animal products, and minerals. The quality and the safety are never taken for granted by the council of national medicines agencies. Without noticing any kind of side effects, you can treat your ail here with the assistance of excellent and skilled homeopaths.
    The best part of homeopathy is that it does not have any kind of dependency, toxicity, and withdrawal. With no dangerous repercussions, millions of people use this procedure to treat themselves and their loved ones’ problems.

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