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    Best Homeopathic Doctor In Phagwara, Homeopathy is an old-age medication or treatment which has been treating people of all age groups. It is one of the most effective treatments for any acute or chronic disease. Many times, when your “reliable” conventional medication fails to cure the problem, homeopathy never fails to astonish us. With the ideology of treating the symptoms of a health condition with the symptoms also known as “like cures.” Homeopathy has shown people why it is more effective and more accepted among people.
    But what really makes homeopathy practice great is its practitioner. Without a person who can bring forward more studies, the idea of flourishing would never be achieved. At Afecto Homeopathy, you would find such doctors or homeopaths who work only to make the foundation of better health.

    About Doctors

    Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh
    Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh, Founder, and Director of Afecto Homeopathy, has over 25+ years of experience in the medical field of homeopathy. The ideology that defines his work is to maximize and enhance the healthcare system in India via homeopathy. This is why afecto Homeopathy is panned in India, serving their patients for them to discover the power of homeopathy.

    His experience in homeopathy has brought many new studies and in-depth answers via his research paper done on the subject. Not only in India but internationally, too, Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh has gained a name for his outstanding partake in the homeopathy department. With a keen interest in providing the people’s general health care, Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh is also known as a philanthropist who, with his services, has made it easier for people to gain the facilities.Specializing in classical homeopathy, which deals with the cases of pediatric and behavioral problems. He has also shown his expertise in autoimmune disorders.

    Dr. R.S Sodhi

    Another Doctor of Afecto Homoeopathy has helped build a better name for the hospital. Working with only one mindset- Dr.R.S. Sodhi has achieved many great heights. With the ideology to flourish by serving the best service and treatment to the people. Selecting doctors and other panel members who align with the same concept is what made the hospital a safe place for many patients to treat their health conditions.

    With an experience of 17 + years in Autoimmune disorders, hormonal behaviors, and Paediatrics, Dr. R.S Sodhi has done excellent work on giving A-class treatment. He also has a specialization in treating kids with great empathizing nature with a friendly behavior that could make the children be more open and less hesitant.

    With a vision to see the name of Afecto Homoeopathy in the world. Dr. R.S Sodhi has merged the importance of patients’ needs and the ever-growing urge to be successful. A sure formula for an exceptional journey.

    Why Choose Homeopathy?

    The 1st point that enters the mind is the no-side effects beneficiary. It is more challenging than you would think to find a treatment that would not impact your body in one way or another. With homeopathy, you would not have to worry about that.

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