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    Are you looking for a homeopathic doctor?

    Are you looking for a homeopathic doctor in Amritsar?
    Homeopathic Doctor In Amritsar, When health is the greatest gift, ‘Why do you have to run down on seeking medical assistance?’ Be it a mild or chronic health problem, there is no way that you have to avoid what’s wrong with your health. Gone are the days when you got scared about the chronic side effects, painful treatment, & whatnot!

    Afecto homeopathy is your ultimate destination to seek the best care for all health issues. Under the supervision of an esteemed homeopathic doctor in Amritsar, you will get all personalized approaches based on natural practices to transform your health and boost your overall quality of life.

    About Doctors

    Dr. Muktinder Singh, MDProf. Dr. Muktinder Singh, Founder and Director of Afecto Homeopathy: One of the leading homeopathic clinic in Amritsar. He started his homeopathy practice in 1992, and till now, under his supervision, and extreme brilliance, countless patient’s health has been transformed. His untiring efforts can be well-depicted because he has played an active role in homeopathy education and literature.
    Moreover, his expertise has made his presence reach international areas also. Being a senior homeopath, his main focus is always to help the patients who have struggled to get the ultimate care to transform their well-being. Being one of the most trusted homeopath practitioners in Amritsar, he is well aware of handling acute and chronic health issues. His aim is not just to evolve the patient’s present status but transform their health as a whole.

    Dr. R.S Sodhi

    Dr.R.S. Sodhi (BHMS, PG London) is the Founder & Director of Afecto Homeopathy. His passion for helping patients improve their health and make them live better lives has made him a successful homeopathic doctor. Not just because he is the best, the patients choose him to get a homeopathic treatment plan, but the way he takes care and listens to the doubts is why he is the top preference of patients. His ability to understand the modern treatment system and come up with the best every time has made him stand out in giving the best medical services.

    Homeopathic Physician

    At Afecto homeopathy in our Amritsar clinic, you will get a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Mehakpreet Kaur (Sr. Doctor and Clinic Incharge) and Dr. Geetanjali Garg (Sr. Doctor ) are qualified Homeopathic Physicians who have been in the medical field for the last many years.

    Homeopathy treats patients of all age groups

    Under the expertise of a Homeopathic practitioner in Amritsar, the treatment gives desirable results to patients of all age groups without any side effects. For the last 28 years, our Homeopathic clinic has helped +500K patients to live a better and quality life in Pan India.

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    Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced homeopathic doctor in Amritsar for a personalized treatment plan. If there’s any doubt in your mind, then make sure to talk about the same to the doctor right away. Make sure you never ignore when it’s about your health otherwise the entire situation can get affected and result in more problematic situations in future. So, prompt medical assistance is better, ‘ALWAYS’.

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