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    Homeopathic clinic in Phagwara: The study of homeopathy is based on the ideology that “like cures like.” The practitioner of homeopathy understands the lifestyle and acknowledges the part of the body healing itself. In short, they chose health over other lifestyles.

    About us

    Afecto homeopathy, a Homeopathic clinic in Phagwara, teaches the patient the importance of good healthcare by providing one. Our main motto is to perform each treatment with extreme care and affection, as our name suggests so. Under the guidance of highly knowledgeable directors Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh, the panel of doctors has only flourished from there. Making the nation grow with the help of our health care with the use of all the research done on the practice of homeopathy Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh has gained immense recognition not only in India but also on an international platform.

    Choosing homeopathy for your treatment would be the right path to walk one. There are ample reasons why one must opt for this pure holistic approach.

    Why Choose Afecto Homeopathy?

    Homeptahy is not only an alternative medication or treatment. It is a whole therapy that the Homeopathic doctor in Phagwara cures the symptoms with its symptoms hence removing the concern from the roots. It has various benefits, including

    • A safe procedureOne of the most remarkable points that outshine homeopathy from others is its purity, which ensures a safe treatment that the conventional method could not always attain. It is famous for delivering therapy with no side effects. Because of this function, homeopathy has been a perfect solution for problems related to hormones or other sensitive concerns. Remember a healthy body has a healthy mind.
    • It could be used for various health conditions.Another critical factor that has ignited the importance of homeopathy is its range of treatment from acute to chronic disease. It is also a very effective treatment for children. Some of the conditions that would be healed with the help of homeopathic medicines are
      • ADHD
      • Autism
      • Bedwetting
      • Behavioral problem
      • Constipation
      • Diarrhea
      • Food allergy
      • Respiratory allergy
      • Skin allergy
      • Wheat allergy
      • Hormonal imbalances
      • Menopause
      • Infertility
      • Mood swings
      • PCOS and PCOD
      • Urinary infection
      • Thyroid
      • Leucorrhea
      • Acidity
      • Immunity and many more

    Why Choose Us For The Treatment?

    Choose your healthcare wisely.
    Compromising your health is never a solution. We believe in giving the nation the best exceptional health care to shine and live a better life.

    • We pan IndiaNo matter where you are from, now you would be able to visit our hospital for your treatment. Remember, our health care is only a call away. Location plays a significant role in deciding the choice of hospital for a better lifestyle. Focus on you becomes more accessible and more uncomplicated.
    • We provide online consultancy. There are times when visiting a doctor seems impossible, especially in this hectic life. Not anymore, because of our online consultancy service you would be able to find your treatment without traveling to us. It also reduces the hesitancy one must feel at the time of reciting their problem.In short, we bring a journey of happiness to your door.
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