Hair Loss in Women: Types, Causes, Treatments with Homeopathy

homeopathy treatment for hair loss
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Hair is an important part of the body. Imagine how you will look and appear to your friend if you are in the process of hair loss. Thus, hair loss can be a distressing condition that lowers self-esteem and causes stress, especially in women. However, you can manage hair loss with the right medicine if you’re diagnosed in time. Read the full article to know some of the hair fall reasons in females and the homeopathic medicines and homeopathy treatment for hair loss in women.

To avoid the problem of hair loss, homeopathic medicines are the best solution to remove it from the root cause. Afecto Clinic provides the homeopathy treatment of hair loss in women depending on patients’ particular causes and symptoms.

What is Alopecia or Hair Loss?

Alopecia refers to hair loss in any ordinarily hairy portion of the body, including hair thinning, balding, and excessive hair fall. But alopecia in women is now more commonly referred to as scalp-specific hair loss. Hair loss not only affects a person’s appearance, but it also has a significant psychological impact on that person’s personality and sense of self.

Hair loss in women

Types of Hair Loss in Women

There are different types of hair loss in women caused due to various reasons. Some of it might be genetic and some of it might be caused due to poor treatment of chemicals on your hair. Let’s learn some types of Hair Loss one by one.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata describes the loss of hair on the scalp or any other portion of the body in discrete, tiny patches. If not treated in a timely manner, it can spread to the entire body and initially forms small bald spots on the scalp. Although it can happen at any age, it typically happens in early infancy or in late adulthood.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This disease is often known as female pattern hair loss. It is characterized by coarsening of the facial hair in addition to the thinning of the scalp hair. This disease, which typically affects women throughout menopause, is brought on by hormonal adjustments in the body. Although they frequently become dormant, the hair follicles are not destroyed in female pattern hair loss.

Alopecia Totalis

During this illness, the patient frequently experiences complete hair loss from the scalp. It may progress from alopecia areata and might occur quickly or gradually. The disorder that causes the nails to seem brittle or ridged is associated with Alopecia Totalis, which typically affects youngsters and adults under the age of forty.

Traction Alopecia

This type of hair loss is usually permanent and is brought on by too much friction or pulling on the hair.

Anagen Effluvium

This is hair loss brought on by chemotherapy or powerful medications. It is only a temporary situation, and hair will grow back naturally after the medication is stopped.

Stages of Female Baldness

homeopathy treatment of hair loss in women

The stages of female baldness go through 5 different stages. These stages are: :

Stage 1: Minimal or no balding.

Stage 2: Your center hair portion develops a small gap.

Stage 3: Your center part has a greater gap, and the hair on either side of the part line is thinning.

Stage 4: Bald patches start to show up along your hairline.

Stage 5: Hair loss in the middle patch.

What are the Reasons for Hair Fall in Females?

A variety of things can cause hair loss. Our food habits and lifestyle choices, aging and genetics all have an impact on the state and quality of our hair. Some common reasons for Hair fall in females are:


Our inherited traits play a significant effect in how our hair looks as we age. Even with poor genes, healthy hair is still possible with early management.

Hormonal Changes

Our body’s hormonal balance changes as we age, which contributes to hair thinning. Hair loss can be caused by stress, mental disturbance, immune system changes brought on by medications and stress.

Lack of Proper Nutrition

A lack of proper nutrition is a significant contributor to the cause of hair loss. Protein makes up the shaft of our hair. Our diets’ lack of protein slows hair development. Minerals, vitamins, folic acid, biotin, and other nutrients all promote hair development and hair follicle stimulation.

Age of Patient

Hair loss tends to get worse with becoming older and can result in either female or male pattern baldness.


Some medications used to treat cancer that kill cancer cells also negatively damage healthy cells, especially hair, leading to an increase in hair loss. Hair can grow back after chemotherapy, though.

Homeopathy Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Hair loss needs to be treated from the inside out because it is a chronic issue. It can be treated with homeopathy since it focuses on the underlying source of the issue. A carefully designed homeopathic medicine helps in reducing hair loss. But one must know that baldness is irreversible.

Homeopathic treatments are individualized and chosen based on each patient’s unique case history, taking into account factors such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, the patient’s personality and other elements that may be contributing to hair loss in the long run.

If you are constantly facing hair loss problems, you can connect with the best homeopathic clinic for getting long-term treatment for your problem. The homeopathic treatment is customized according to different problems.

You can book an appointment with India’s online homeopathy consultation with best doctor. 

Common Medications for Hair Loss

Although one must not use medications directly without a doctor’s consultation but here are some of the best medications you can use for your Hair Loss. Here are some of the best medications you can have for Hair Loss.

  • Silicea: Silicea promotes hair growth, fortifies hair, and lessens hair dryness.
  • Kalium Carbonicum: This remedy, which is especially advised for women, prevents hair from thinning and falling out and promotes hair growth.
  • Lycopodium: Made from the spores of evergreen plants that have been distilled, lycopodium is suggested for both men and women whose hair is prematurely thinning.
  • Arnica: Arnica is particularly useful in treating female pattern hair loss since it stimulates hair follicles and helps to improve blood circulation.

What to do During Hair Loss?

Many females with pattern baldness decide against visiting a doctor. But if you want to save your hair, you should contact a doctor as soon as you observe scalp hair loss. Homeopathic treatment has no harmful side effects and gives long-lasting solutions for hair loss. With homeopathic treatment, women can prevent hair loss and thinning of hair. Contact at 91-8727003555  for Hair loss treatment at Afecto Homeopathy Clinic get your problem treated.

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