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    Facial Hair Treatment

    T op Facial Hair Treatment Punjab treats unwanted facial hair professionally. Homeopathy Medicine for Hirsutism Ludhiana is excellent and women can feel relieved.
    Particularly for women, having excessive body hair can be embarrassing. Hair on the arms, legs, underarms, stomach, and back is normally understood as natural, but excessive facial hair growth is considered to be abnormal.

    The Best Facial Hair Treatment in Punjab is available to treat this medical problem.

    How can a woman prevent facial hair from growing?

    T he source of the problem can be treated with homeopathic medications that treat unwanted facial hair. Genetics has an impact on a person’s body hair density. The growth of unsightly facial hair is referred to as hirsutism. The outcomes include embarrassment, low self-esteem, distress anxiety, and sadness.

    Treatment of unwanted facial hair with homeopathy

    T here are many techniques to treat hirsutism, including medical and cosmetic treatments.Cosmetic procedures frequently involve electrolysis, waxing, laser hair removal, and plucking. If used constantly for an extended period, many forms of treatment may irritate the skin. Hirsutism is treated with medications like antiandrogens and birth control tablets. It is worthwhile to consider Facial Hair Treatment Punjab.

    Homeopathic treatment for unwanted facial hair

    1. Oleum Jecoris Aselli : This effective treatment for unwanted facial hair is made from cod liver oil, which is obtained from a variety of fish species, mostly belonging to the genus Gadus. An excellent source of vitamins A and D is cod liver oil.
    It is used to treat female facial hair that grows abnormally, particularly on the chin and upper lips. The facial hair might be thick, dark, and short. Additionally, this medicine exerts a strong effect on the female sexual organs. Both oligomenorrhoea and amenorrhoea, which both occur from hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body, are treated with it. Along with dysmenorrhea, one’s ovaries may be painful.
    2. Sepia Succus : This is used to treat unwanted hair caused by hormone imbalance. The drug sepia happens is produced from an animal source. It is prepared by triturating the dried liquid that is contained in the cuttlefish’s ink bag.
    Sepia is used to treat unwanted facial hair, which generally results from an imbalance in hormones. It may be caused by PCOS or irregular menstruation. Additionally, it is used to treat ovarian induration instances.
    3. Oophorinum : To treat unwanted hair caused by PCOS A medication called oophorinum was created from a sheep or cow’s ovarian extract. Estrogen, progesterone, and follicle-stimulating hormone are present in this extract, which is potentized by homeopathic principles.
    When unwanted facial hair does develop because of ovarian cysts or tumors, oophorinum is used to treat the condition. It mostly affects the skin and the female genitalia. When the menses are premature, excessive, clotted, and short-lived, the patient feels worse.
    4. Natrum Muriaticum : This treatment works well for unwanted hair on the tops of the lips. When unwanted facial hair does grow on the upper lip, Natrum Mur. is commonly used to cure it. Additionally, acne on the face is possible. Menstrual periods might be excessively early or frequent, and the discharge is typically seen at night. The patient may have extreme dryness of the mouth and skin in addition to being underweight and anemic. Additionally, female sterility is treated with this medication.
    5. Calcarea Carbonica : This is used on obese women’s unwanted hair. Females with slow metabolisms who tend to be obese and who have unwanted facial hair are treated with Calcarea carb. This reduces fat deposits all over the body. This leads to hormonal imbalances that disrupt menstruation.

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