Dr. R.S Sodhi

Dr. R.S Sodhi

Dr. R.S Sodhi

Dr.R.S Sodhi (BHMS) is a gem of a person. He is appreciated for his great beauty and perfection. Being the director of Afecto Homeopathy, he is focused and has a great sense of mission to lead the people on work. Leading Afecto Homeopathy for all these years, he realizes that the success of any organization is through their employees. He is aware of the fact that the life can sometimes have sharp learning curves, and sees this as learning opportunity.


Dr.R.S Sodhi has done an excellent work in the domain of paediatrics and hormonal imbalance arena. He has 15 years of experience and has been successful with his constant efforts and dedication. A paediatrician should be trained, well- educated, should have both physical and emotional stamina. And Dr. R.S Sodhi knows his field and is diplomatic, persuasive and sympathetic when working with the children as well as their parents.


Being the director, he has the vision of making Afecto Homeopathy a leading brand in homoeopathy across the globe. Keeping this vision in mind, he lays more emphasis on recruitments of highly qualified Doctors, staff and well-equipped working atmosphere.


He is an intellect in management and administrative skills. To enhance the status of Afecto Homeopathy, he has strategic focus, personnel, operations to process and plan, assets, customer relations and responsiveness. He is capable of performing field-specific specialized tasks, solving the problems, communicates and understands effectively.


He manages the branches of Afecto Homeopathy, also recruitments, technical issues, publicizing and many more. He interacts with employees to seek their advice in enhancing the performance of the organisation. He has completely adept in terms of technological advancements. Dr.R.S Sodhi is very resourceful and gives emphasizes on the detailed- oriented procedure for any matter. He is the backbone for the success of Afecto Homeopathy.


He has been invited by various organizations in and outside India to impart knowledge to their respective audience. He is the international facilitator in homoeopathy, life member of various homoeopathic and non-homoeopathic organizations and has inaugurated many seminars and camps to explore the utility and importance of homoeopathy in our healthy and prosperous life.

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