How to Cure Acidity Permanently: Few Remedies to Know

how to cure acidity permanently
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A healthy stomach is a result of eating a hot, nutritious and healthful diet. There might be some distinct personalities in your home who enjoy consuming food that is spicy, sour or even salty. But do you know that permanently eating such spicy food can lead to a bad stomach? It could cause the problem of acidity that not only affects the stomach but the whole human health. The feelings of acidity are common and extremely uncomfortable. It can be treated with few medicines but in the long run how to cure acidity permanently? What are the remedies that can help a person keep their acidity in control how to cure acidity permanently best home remedies.

Well, the good news is that alkaline-neutralizing foods and beverages are an easy way to treat acidity. We simply need food products to offset the symptoms of acidity that spicy foods generate. In this blog, we will discover all there is to know about acidity. We’ve included some natural home remedies that can help you overcome acidity once and for all.

What is Acidity?

Acidity is a medical disorder characterized by the body producing excessive amounts of acid. The glands in the stomach are what make the acid. Moreover, acid reflux, a medical disorder when stomach acid travels up and enters the esophagus, is sometimes referred to as “acidity.” A burning feeling in the chest or throat is the primary sign of acidity or acid reflux.

how to cure acidity permanently best home remedies

How is Acidity Caused?

As discussed above, acid reflux or acidity, is a frequent digestive issue that affects both men and women. The burning feeling that may start in the stomach and spread to the food pipe is the root cause of the digestive problems. Food travels down the esophagus and into the stomach before entering the body. The stomach glands then produce acid, which aids in the digestive process by battling bacteria and other pathogens. Eating spicy food causes the stomach glands above the abdomen to release more acid, which in this case causes a burning feeling.

How to Cure Acidity Permanently with Home Remedies?

A common misconception is that Gastrointestinal Problems, such as acidity, can be totally resolved or treated with medication. The statement is not entirely accurate! You may readily combat these symptoms with a few household food items to treat your acidity problem. You just need a few materials at hand to naturally reduce acidity or heartburn symptoms. Here are some methods to cure acidity permanently with home remedies: 

Coconut Water 

It is excellent for neutralizing acidity. The pH of our bodies is made alkaline by the coconut water, which is acidic. Additionally, it creates mucus in the stomach, which shields the stomach from the negative effects of producing too much acid. Additionally, the high-fiber coconut water aids in digestion and keeps acidity from returning.


One of the finest natural cures for acidity that you should keep in your kitchen is ginger. It has many digestive and anti-inflammatory qualities. Ginger can be combined with other food items like lemon juice which can benefit the stomach. If you are acidic or have acid reflux, you can munch raw ginger. In addition, there are numerous different food items prepared with ginger garnishing which also lessens acidity such as ginger tea, ginger water and ginger lemon juice.

how to cure acidity permanently best home remedies

Cold milk

One of the easiest natural cures for acidity is cold milk. The abundance of calcium in milk regulates the overabundance of hydrochloric acid secretion, which helps you absorb the stomach acids if you’re not lactose intolerant. The ideal remedy for acidity is cold milk since it provides immediate relief from a burning feeling in the stomach. 


The most well-known long-term home remedy for acidity that can help you combat the symptoms is bananas. Eating one or two bananas a day will help you conquer any nutritional deficiencies in your body because they are high in nutrients. Consuming uncooked bananas helps in reducing the symptoms of acidity. It helps treat gastrointestinal issues like acid secretion and is high in fiber and potassium. You can include them in a late-night or morning snack.

Carom or Ajwain seeds

It’s also the greatest natural cure for acidity. You can add half a spoon of ajwain and half a spoon of salt from your kitchen, combine it in water and mix well. Then, drink the mixture. It will help you overcome digestive problems including indigestion, acid reflux and stomach pain while also having a calming impact on your stomach.


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Fennel Seeds or Saunf

Indians have a custom of eating saunf, or fennel seeds, after lunch or dinner. One of their customs is to combine sugar candies, called “Mishri” with fennel seeds and consume them after a substantial meal. It gives them a pleasant, medicinal, ayurvedic and calming pleasure while preserving their taste along avoiding acidity problems.

how to cure acidity permanently best home remedies


Due to the high magnesium concentration in jaggery, it strengthens the intestines. Moreover, it lessens stomach acidity by enhancing digestion and increasing the alkalinity of the digestive tract. Additionally, jaggery helps to keep the body at a regular temperature, which soothes the stomach. After a meal, you can drink a jaggery drink in the summer to get rid of acidity. 


Any of the above-mentioned natural treatments for acidity can be tried for a minimum of three or seven days. It will assist you in either letting go of your acidity after eating or dissolving stomach acid within the body. These are the best and most essential food items that every family needs to have.

If you encounter an acidity problem even after 3 days and it’s not coming under your control, you can connect with the best homeopathic doctor in Delhi for Acidity. The doctor will help you know the real cause of acidity and provide you with homeopathic medicines along with lifestyle modifications to cure your problem immediately.

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