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    Autism Treatment

    Autism is a kind of neuro-developmental disorder called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because it impacts individuals in different ways and to varying levels. The Homeopathic Autism Treatment in Ludhiana helps treat the neuro-developmental disorders that come up with the issues in communicating with others and having social dealings, affecting the nervous system and the overall intellectual, emotional, social, and physical health of an individual. Autism is a complicated, lifetime disability usually seen at some stage in early childhood. It is found that one out of every 160 children across the world has autism.

    AUTISM Treatment


    Numerous causes might be responsible for the development of Autism disorder in the individuals, which are: having a close family member with autism disorder, genetic transformations and other hereditary disorders, being born to older parents, low weight at the time of birth, metabolic disproportions, contact to heavy metals and ecological toxins, a history of viral illnesses in the family, fetal exposure to the medications, etc. But in general, it is acknowledged that the deformities cause it in the structure and function of the human brain. At Afecto Homeopathy, you will get the Homeopathic Autism Treatment in Punjab to improve your overall well-being. The images of the brain demonstrate the variations in the shape and structure of the brain in the individual with autism compared to the normal one.


    If an individual has autism, you might be very sensitive to physical responses such as too much hot and cold or intense pain. Autism may cause the infected person some necessary emotional discomforts. Fits are very common among people with ASD. On-time Homeopathic Autism Treatment in Patiala will ensure that the situation won’t get severe and trigger serious health concerns. 

    Having autism puts an individual at the possibility of depression, anxiety, impulsive behavior, and mood swings. Many people with autism might have some level of mental impairment also. Tuberous sclerosis disorder may progress benign tumors in your organs, including the human brain. Other problems associated with ASD include aggression, improper sleep patterns, unusual eating habits, and digestive disorders.

    Treatments Available for Autism

    The modern medical science provides a variety of the treatments to cure the autism disorder which are: Behavioural management therapy, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Early intervention, Educational and school-based therapies, Joint attention therapy, Medication treatment, Nutritional therapy, Occupational therapy, Parent-mediated therapy, Physical therapy, Social skills training andSpeech-language therapy. These treatments might impact on the condition of the person but not be able to cure the issue for the long run.


    • Afecto works good to improve the autistic child’s emphasised condition of sensitivity.
    • It helps to progress the good motor skills as well as boost their perceptual complications.
    • Afecto first tries to do some behavioural changes by taking into account the whole history of an individual.
    • It targets to bring the positive energy to get self-heal by relieving the various symptoms of autism./li>
    • Afecto deals in reducing the hyperactivity, aggression and irritation among the nature of an individual.
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