Warts Symptoms, Types, Prevention and Homeopathy Treatment

All you need to Know about Warts and its treatment
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Acnes aren’t minor problems; you deal with them with proper medication, but what about the Warts? Do you even notice it and take the appropriate remedy when required? Nowadays, people are moving towards homeopathy for skin problems in the medical field. Warts Symptoms, Types, Prevention and homeopathy Treatment. 

You must pay attention to the Warts. It has a terrible impact on the skin, leading to many other skin problems. I will clear all the queries related to warts in this article. Let’s start it.

What are Warts?

warts Symptoms Types Prevention and homeopathy Treatment


After the acne, in some cases, a small fleshy part appears where the acne problem occurred. Some people ignore it thinking it will go automatically, but they(warts) do not. 

The primary reason which is responsible for the Warts is human papillomavirus. Warts spread from one part of the body to another; a person affected by Warts needs to be cured because it can apply to their family members.

Symptoms :

There is not much about the symptoms of warts. One should self-diagnose and self-check himself—visual inspection for the warts symptoms.  

Types of Warts: 

Warts can be formed in any body part, and the forming place categorizes them. Following are six kinds of warts I’ve mentioned: 

  1. Common Warts: They commonly appear on the palm or finger of the hand. They are usually 1mm to 1cm in size. 
  2. Plantar Warts: These warts form into the sole of your feet. There are two types of Plantar warts.
  1. Flat warts: They grow on the arms, face, thighs, and backside of your hand. They are usually small and not painful. 
  2. Filiform Warts: They usually occur around the neck, under your chin, mouth, or nose. Their growths are rapid and generally not painful. 
  3. Periungual Warts: They usually grow around the nails. It can occur around the toenail and hand nails. They just split the nails and skin, which can be extremely painful.
  4. Genital Warts: These warts usually form around the genitals part of the body. They are a type of sexually transmitted disease. They will develop when you have a sexual relationship with any genital warts-infected person. 


Seek advice from our homeopathy experts for all your health concerns.


As you know, wart is a contagious disease; it spreads from one person to person. So that is why taking some precautions is necessary if you’re having warts.

  • Do not make contact with a person who is already having warts
  • If you have warts, cover them with the bandage to stop spreading
  • Avoid biting the nails and picking cuticles
  • Don’t shave the wart-contaminated area
  • Do not share any personal items like razors and shaving items etc.


You should avoid treating the warts at home. It may cause some severe issues on the skin. People who suffered from wart disease treated themselves with homoeopathy. In the cases of people having warts, homoeopathy warts treatment helped more than 63 % of patients who had Warts. As compared to the placebo, only 6% of the patients recovered.

It is very crucial to seek medication from the right clinic. And warts Symptoms Types Prevention and homeopathy Treatment is the right place for warts treatment. Many patients have recovered from warts and other skin-related problems. 

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