Dr. R.S. Sodhi

Dr R.S. Sodhi (BHMS, PG London) is a distinguished Homoeopath and the visionary Founder-Director of Afecto Homeopathy. With an unyielding focus and a strong sense of purpose, he has effectively led Afecto Homeopathy, recognizing the pivotal role of employees in an organization’s success. Driven by a commitment to growth, he views challenges as valuable learning opportunities.

Specializing in Paediatrics, Autoimmune Disorders, and Hormonal Imbalances, Dr R.S. Sodhi has amassed over 17 years of impactful experience. His exceptional work is a testament to his unwavering dedication, resulting in notable achievements in these fields. An adept paediatrician, he combines comprehensive training with a friendly demeanour, making him adept at interacting with both children and their parents. His diplomatic, persuasive, and compassionate approach underscores his success in nurturing young patients’ well-being.


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