Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh

Dr Muktinder Singh is an accomplished and respected figure in the field of homeopathic medicine, known for his expertise and contributions. He holds the distinguished positions of Founder Director at Afecto Homoeopathy, Professor and Head of Department, and Postgraduate Guide. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the Scientific Committee at IIHP (Indian Institute of Homeopathy Physicians) and is a valued faculty member at the London College of Homoeopathy. With specialization and extensive experience in managing acute, chronic, and even challenging cases, he has notably excelled in treating conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, psychiatric cases, and paediatric pathologies.

Dr Singh’s dedication to promoting and establishing homeopathy has led to the establishment of several clinics in North India. Beyond his medical accomplishments, his profound religious and spiritual beliefs have also contributed to his role as a compassionate counsellor. His holistic approach not only addresses diseases but also facilitates personal growth, fostering his patients’ evolution into better human beings. In his current capacities as a practising homeopath, MD guide, and senior educator, he continues to share his wealth of knowledge, having taught in numerous esteemed homeopathic institutions. He is a key trainer at Afecto Homeopathy, further solidifying his legacy as a leading figure in the world of homeopathic education and practice.


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