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Online Treatment


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What Is Online Treatment?

Online Treatment is a mode of treatment in which a patient doesn't visit the doctor in clinic. The patient can consult a doctor virtually over PHONE or VIDEO CALL and get treated for their health issues from the comfort of their home/office.

How Online Treatment happens?

Using a device like a smart-phone, tablet or a computer a patient living in any part of India or the world can reach out to our doctors using chats, email, call, and video call services. Patient can share photographs of medical condition, medical records and reports with the doctor using these tools. Then doctor takes the patient's symptoms and case-history over a questionnaire or call and decides the treatment for the patient and then we send medicine at your doorstep At AFECTO we specialize in treating Chronic diseases and have treated patients in many countries. The results achieved for AFECTO online treatment in chronic diseases are as good as those treated in-person at the clinic.With AFECTO online treatment facility, lack of time or long distances are no more a hindrance for you to consult the best doctors and avail the best treatment. Sign up to start treatment


There can be many physical obstructions to reach to our clinic. For the convenient of our patients we have branches over pan India. But if you live in a remote area or you have to travel long distance to reach our clinics. Or you don't have access to adequate transportation, or you have to ask to someone to come with you. With our online treatment, we make this very easy for the patients to contact with us.


You can communicate with our expert doctors according to your convenient time in this busy schedule. You no longer need to have to worry and get you medication at your doorsteps.


With online treatment, you can take care of your health with complete privacy. You can fix your appointment with our specialized doctors, when you're home alone. Online treatment is the best to reduce their social stigma. With a online treatment you can share stress, life experiences, problems privately with our Expert Doctors comfortably, without visiting our clinics.


Our online treatment provides very easy access to the patients who are Disabled or Old aged or Housebound. Patients who are unable to leave their home for many reasons, such as working ladies, or because of some physical or mental issues, may find online treatment from our Expert Doctors

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Ready to move from unhealthy lifestyle to a better and refreshing lifestyle?

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