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    Obesity Treatement

    What are Obesity and its Cause?

    Obesity or being overweight is a common problem for both men and women, regardless of age. Obesity shouldn’t be disregarded because it can lead to more serious health problems including heart disease and asthma. There are many different reasons why people gain too much weight, including hypothyroidism, depression, and polycystic ovarian disease.

    Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity

    Homeopathy is essential for preventing a relapse of the condition and is beneficial in treating all obesity symptoms (weight loss). Weight Loss with Homeopathy is given on each patient’s unique physical, emotional, and genetic constitution. The most fundamental mode of this constitution’s mind-and-body interaction.
    Homeopathic treatment will make you feel completely new by curing your obesity. Homeopathic medicine is risk-free, gentle, and free of side effects. Another notable feature of homeopathy is that people who are taking many drugs can still receive homeopathic therapies without risk. Homeopathic medications don’t build routines or have any addictive qualities.
    Because there is no magical treatment for obesity, the majority of trustworthy programs that promote weight loss place a higher priority on food, exercise, and lifestyle modification than on weight-loss medications. Whether you go for natural weight reduction or herbal weight loss, you must follow a rigid, healthy diet and engage in the regular exercise along with the treatment or herb.

    Some of the effective weight-loss remedies offered by homeopathy include the following:

    • Antimonium Crudum: This medication is recommended for children or teenagers who are overweight or obese. If a kid or young person exhibits signs like a thick white coating on the tongue, staining of the nails, a salt craving, or irritation, the doctor may advise this medication.
    • Calcarea carbonica: This is a medication that is recommended if abdominal fat accumulates. It facilitates fat reduction in the abdominal area. Additionally, it is given to someone who sweats excessively.
    • Graphites: If you exhibit signs of weakness, weariness, or sadness, this may be recommended. Mostly women are advised to do it.
    • Nux vomica: If you have put on weight as a result of inactivity, this medication might be recommended. This might be suggested if symptoms like constipation or sensitivity to cold air are detected.
    • Ignatia: If you put on weight as a result of depression, Ignatia is usually advised.
    • Lycopodium: It is given to people who display signs like depression or an increased sweet tooth. It helps with thigh or buttock weight loss.
    • Natrum Mur: This medication may be recommended to help in weight loss in the thighs and buttocks. It is administered to people who display symptoms like despair or sensitivity to light or heat.
    • Phytolacca: This is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs for weight loss. If you experience symptoms like swollen glands, ear pain, or throat dryness, this may be recommended to you.

    It is highly recommended that you consult a Homeopathy Obesity Treatment in Ludhiana and our Doctors for Obesity in Ludhiana to identify the underlying cause of your weight gain before using any medication.

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