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    Homeopathy For Your Treatment

    Best Homeopathic Doctor in Sirhind, Homeopathy medicines are seeing a gradual speed in the field of medicines. And why should it not? The most effective and no side effects promise to lure many patients into treating their health conditions with it. Your health could only be benefited with pure medical treatment. Under the guidance of great practitioners who swear by this holistic approach that cures the roots of the diseases with their symptoms, you would only achieve nurturing life.

    Our doctors have done great work in the field of homeopathy for the welfare of patients of all age groups.

    About Doctors

    Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh
    Our strongest power is our panel of Homeopathic doctors in Sirhind that make sure to treat each of the patients with extreme care and affection. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Muktinder Singh, we have flourished to the next level. Dr. Mukltinder Singh has gained fame in India and on an international platform because of his deep study and research about homeopathy medicines. With overall 25+years of experience, he has shown time and gained the power of homeopathy and its therapy with many successful treatments.

    Dr. Muktinder Singh has been practicing homeopathy since 1992 effectively. And believes in applying his wisdom in spirituality along with homeopathy. This combination has helped many patients to transform their lives. His inclusion of spirituality, chakras, and other allied subjects is what gives him a unique personality in the medical field.

    A great mentor and director of Affecto, a Homeopathic clinic in Sirhind ,Dr. Muktinder Singh has brought homeopathy to a new level.

    Dr.R.S. Sodhi

    Dr. R.S Sodhi, founder and the director of Afecto Homeopathy, is a qualified homeopath who has shown his excellence in homeopathic medicines by focusing on the idea of giving prime healthcare to the patient. According to him, the only way to achieve great heights is through the employees, which is why hiring staff members who work alongside his ideology was the first criterion. Seeing things as life learning lessons, Dr. R.S Sidhu has never turned down any page.

    With expertise in the field of Pediatrics, Hormonal Imbalance, And Autoimmune disorders, he has been treating the patient for over 17 years now. With a remarkable ability to work with the children by showing great compassion, sternness, and diplomacy, Dr. R.S Sidhu has given success stories with his efforts.

    Vision To Make Afecto Great

    Being the director and the founder, both the Dr. have only one mission in their mind. To make homeopathy associated with Afecto Homeopathy.

    Recurring high qualified doctors and staff members to make the environment of the place comfortable and professional. Each step is taken for the welfare of the patient.

    Treatment available

    At Afecto Homeopathy, we provide various treatment for the patient including:

    • Pediatric
    • Allergies
    • Skin
    • Female disorder
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Lifestyle disorder
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