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    Brittle Nails Treatment

    Well, there are many nail problems that people face because of several reasons, and brittle nails are one of those. And if you are facing this problem, then you can get in touch with Afecto Homeopathy Clinic, as they provide the best Homeopathic Brittle Nails Treatment in Punjab.
    Moreover, they have the best Brittle Nails Homeopathic Doctors in Ludhiana. So contact them to get excellent Brittle Nails Treatment in Punjab.

    These are some reasons and homeopathic remedies for brittle nail issues

    • Reasons: Brittle nails problem can occur because of numerous issues, and less or extreme moisture from external factors also can cause these issues. And sometimes, low levels of vitamins in the body are also a reason for brittle nails.
      If your fingernails are brittle, but your toenails are completely healthy, then chances are maximum that this problem is occurring because of some external factors. However, the aging process also plays an essential role in this problem. As a person gets old then, fingernails start getting thin and dry, but toenails become thick and harder, which also causes these brittle nail issues.
      Other external factors like using chemicals on and cleaning material on nails also cause these issues. And in some cases washing hands with detergent brings this problem. Excessive use of nail polishes also damages keratin protein from the nails, and that causes damage to the moisture, which leads to brittle nail issues.
    • Homeopathic remedies:Homeopathic approaches help to slow down the process of cracking, breaking, chipping, splitting, and peeling of nails. Additionally, it will also help to prevent recurrence and repair damaged or cracked nails.

    Antimonium Crudum

    This homeopathic medicine is recommended for those who are suffering from brittle nail problems. If they have cracked or dry nails, they can take this medicine. And the results of this medicine are excellent as it provides easy recovery. Moreover, it can also relieve the pain in your nails.

    • Graphites: Homeopathic experts use this medicine for those patients who are facing cracked nails and discolored and deformed nail issues. This medicine not only causes brittle nails but also plays an essential role in preventing recurrences.
    • Silicea: This medicine is also helpful for brittle nail issues, and it can solve damaged or cracked nail issues very easily. Sometimes due to brittle nail issues, the color of nails turns gray or yellowish, so this homeopathic medicine is the best solution to these issues. Moreover, Silice also helps to remove white spots in front of the nails, and people suffering from excessive sweat on their hands also can consume this medicine in order to get rid of these issues.

    Final words

    If you are also suffering from these issues and want to get a perfect solution, then it would be a great option for you to visit the Afecto Homeopathy Clinic because the experts of that clinic can provide you with excellent results.

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